Body Massage in Bangalore – Full Body massage centers

Massage in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the biggest cities in India. With a population of about 8.5 million, it is a city with all the expected social amenities, including exotic massage centers.

The abundance of massage centers in Bangalore gives visitors and residents of the city access to a wide range of massage services.  Some of these services are discussed below:

  • Sandwich Massage

The Sandwich Massage is another important massaging technique that is prominent in Bangalore. Just as the name implies, in this massage type, you will be sandwiched by two naked female masseuses who will work on your body to give you a memorable experience.

To increase the effect of the massage, the masseuses usually use soapy water, oil, or cream to work on your body while their naked bodies will also arouse your sexual senses and help you to regain your emotional and physical well-being. That is important so that you can put your challenges behind you.

  • Full Body Massage

As implied by the name, this massage type ensures that all your body parts are massaged with the exception of your genitals and the female breast. For almost an hour, the seasoned therapist will work on your arms, neck, head, legs, feet, and other parts of your body with the exception of the aforementioned parts. This is in sharp contrast to some massage types that concentrate on a specific part of the body such as feet massage, back massage, and the rest. If you want a specific part of your body to be given special attention, you can indicate that and your therapist will devote more time to that area while other parts are briefly worked on.

Full Body Massage usually have a calming effect on the client as it is used to remove tension from the client while his restorative powers will be boosted by the massage. With smooth and mild movements, the therapist will work on you to relax your muscles while the calm environment complements the efforts of the masseuse to make you relax during the massage.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy. The therapist will ask you in advance if there are some parts of your body you want to exempt from the massage. This is to ensure that you are not embarrassed during the exercise while you enjoy a memorable massaging experience at the hands of your masseuse.

Most massage centers will allow you to leave your underwear on while your body will be covered with the exception of where the masseuse is currently massaged. That keeps you warm during the exercise while you are thoroughly massaged.

Mostly, massages are done by female therapists. If you want a male therapist to provide you with massage service, it is advisable that you specify this when booking your appointment. The spa will have that arranged for you in advance so that you can get value for your money.

Generally, the practitioner will excuse you when you want to undress and relax on the massage table. You can use a towel to cover yourself before your therapists comes in to help you relieve some stress and emotions.

  • Male to Female Massage

The Male to Female Massage technique is gaining popularity among women throughout the city of Bangalore. Rather than engage the services of a female therapist, a female client may hire a therapist of the opposite sex to massage her properly.

The male therapists are professionals and know the best way to help their clients derive the best benefit from having a professional help them relieve their tension and enjoy total physical and mental calmness without the use of medication.

As a client, most of the massage spas will allow you to pick the male therapist of your choice with your instructions about where you want to massage and your body parts he should stay clear off.

As a result, you have a good chance of getting the best therapist to handle your massaging with the best experience that will keep you coming back for more always.

  • Couple Massage

Spas or hotels offering this service have large rooms that can accommodate the couple at a given time. The rooms are equipped with the right equipment and the best environment to make the session worthwhile. In some settings that are specifically designed for couples, there may be a romantic undertone. In such settings, there may be candle light, dim lighting, Jacuzzis, shower facilities, soaking tubs for two, or any other romantic feature that the managers may think of.  During the massage, each of the couple is attended to by a different masseuse so that the couple can have simultaneous massaging.

Going on a couple massage outing is a good way to have the assurance of your partner, especially if you are having a massage for the first time. His or her presence will ease your tension and set the pace for an exciting and memorable experience at the spa. You can also use the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together while enjoying your massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Bangalore also has some massage spas that offer Deep Tissue Massage services for individuals with chronic strains, persistent muscle tension, or those recovering from some serious injuries.

By using slow frictions or strokes, the therapist concentrates on the stiff muscle or the sources of the tension and gradually massages it with the goal of dissipating the pains. This process will gradually lead to the elimination of such pains while the client is relieved and can recover effortlessly from whatever may the cause of his or her health challenges.

This massage type has tons of benefits which make it one of the best massage techniques for the citizens of Bangalore. Some of these benefits include overcoming postural problems, getting rid of pains in any part of the body, remove sources of immobility, and help the client to overcome the health implication of repetitive strain injury.

  • Pregnancy Massage

Another message type is the Pregnancy Massage that is exclusively the reserve of pregnant women. With a specially-designed table to accommodate a pregnant woman and her pregnancy, the Pregnancy Massage is carried out on a pregnant woman while in the pregnant state or thereafter to cope w with the challenges of pregnancy. The massage can last an hour and is of the greatest benefit as the delivery date is fast approaching.

It has been found that lying on the side is the best massage position for a pregnant woman.